Far Infrared Sauna


Detox, Relax, shed wieght

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Why Far Infrared Saunas?

Dry and wet saunas are great but they can be dangerous and they are not for everybody. With Far Infrared waves, you get all the benefits of the sun minus the harmful rays.

Our sauna has many health benefits. Besides its help with sleep and relaxation, the far infrared sauna is highly detoxifying. With this comes rapid weight loss. 


How it works

If you would like to book a session please call 732 241 0380 to check availability. To hold your spot we require a $20 deposit which will go towards the final balance. Have a card handy.

Total Cost $50

Each session has an hour of total time. We recommend no longer than 40 minutes inside the sauna. This will leave 10 minutes before and after for prep and clean up.

How To Prepare

1. Bring bathing suit and flip flops. A book if you prefer reading.

2. Bring plenty of water. We offer water too but hydrate prior to arrival. 

3.Do not show up fatigued from workout or sports or under the influence of any substance.

4. The max time in sauna is 40 minutes. Each client gets an hour “Block”. This allows for 10 minutes before and after to set up and get dressed.

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