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The Wake Wellness 400+ Full Spectrum CBD Drops are for sub-lingual delivery. Each bottle has 600mg or more of active USDA Organic CBD extract. Our carrier fluid is Organic Hempseed Oil and Mint. And yes, it tastes like hemp. That’s how you know it’s real.

Why is our oil more effective than many other products on the market?

Firstly, When it comes to Extracted Hemp, Each company can choose what quality oil they will use to produce products. This is determined by how many times the extraction process is cycled. In other words, the “first” run contains the most amount of terpenes and cannabinoids thus offering a more effective product. This grade oil is many times double the price of standard grade oil.

Secondly, we use High-Quality Carrier Fluid as opposed to dangerous, cheap fluids such as MCT oil. Our carrier fluid is actually great for you! Hempseed oil has dozens of essential amino acids for sustaining health.

Lastly, We produce all of our products in Small Batches to ensure freshness and to avoid adding preservatives. This is a must if you want to deliver the best products and we never will cut corners

Here at Wake Wellness we are driven by the latest research and development behind CBD supplements. The research shows that full-spectrum CBD holds the most powerful therapeutic benefits because full-spectrum oil is not changed during the extraction process. All of the phytocannabinoids and terpenes remain intact after the extraction process is finished. When all of these compounds are kept together, they create a synergy known as “The Entourage Effect.” This aspect boosts the effectiveness of CBD to the highest level.

Why use CBD oil?

Integrating CBD drops into your daily health ritual is beneficial for even healthy individuals. Its amazing ability to promote balance and homeostasis on a cellular level is astonishing. When this happens, your hormone production balances and many positive side-effects may be noticed. Our CBD oil is great for sleep cycle problems as well. Attaining R.E.M. and deep sleep levels are the most important aspect of sleep. When this is achieved, your body can detox many foreign elements and improve your overall well-being.

20 Drops= 12MG of Active CBD

THC Disclaimer: Our products contain below the legal limit of THC (0.3%). Our CBD is Farm Bill Compliant and is third-party lab tested for quality and accuracy.

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  1. John C

    Best CBD Oil Ive ever used for Sleep and Body Pain.

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