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Stress and Anxiety Gone!

INVIVO is latin for "bio-availability." With Hemp CBD, bio-availability is key to the success of taking CBD for your issues. Normal "oil" versions of CBD are still great to use but are 75% less bio-available then our water-soluble CBD. Remember, our bodies are made up of mostly water. This means our bodies can metabolize the CBD more efficiently than standard oil. This means you will require less milligrams per dose to have the same if not better effects. 

Why does potency seem low? Only 100mg?= With our Nano CBD you do not need as much to have the same effects as standard oil. Since Nano will absorb into your body 75% more efficiently, your dose should be low. And remember, Less is more with CBD!

ZERO THC= Our INVIVO CBD is truly zero THC. (Lab tested for accuracy) This means, people that are looking for CBD without any trace amounts of THC will be safe with this product. Safe for all ages!

Nano Emulsion Technology= With our INVIVO Nano Technology Full Spectrum Water-soluble CBD you get all the benefits of the standard oil versions of CBD but with a boost bio-availbility. Many other products will say they are water-soluble but are not Full Spectrum. These products lack the full medicinal potential of CBD. Always look for full spectrum!

Ingredients:  Distilled Water, Natural Emulsifiers, Phyotocannabinoid-Rich Hemp CBD Oil. Mint Oil.

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