The “Recovery” Cream is for mild to light pain or injury. Its formula is designed for rapid absorption and relief. The cream consistency helps leave your skin less oily for on the go use. This product is great to use pre and post physical activities, Arthritis, long drives and long hours on your feet.
How it works...
Transdermal application of CBD (on the skin) is one of the best ways to use CBD for direct pain. CBD's amazing ability to decrease inflammation and increase blood flow speeds up the healing process for most injuries. If you are using it for Arthritis you can read our blog on how CBD helps to reduce joint inflammation and helps to dissolve the film between the joints.
The "Recovery" cream is specifically formulated for rapid absorption and relief. Use as needed or when pain returns. You will be surprised how quickly you will feel relief. Use on injuries as soon as possible to speed up healing time. Apply multiple times throughout the day to build CBD up in the tissue. 
THC Disclaimer: Our products contain below the legal limit of THC (.03%). Our CBD is Farm Bill Compliant and is third-party lab tested for quality and accuracy.
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neck relief

Ellen-Sue Diamant on May 26th 2019

I use this daily 2-3x on my neck, which has some vertebral changes. I've been told it's supposed to take a while (days/weeks etc.) to work like all CBD stuff, but it helps my neck within a few minutes. Blends in easily and a pleasant, not overwhelming scent.

recovery cream

Maureen Cullen on May 6th 2019

I just received this cream today. I opened it and applied it and felt immediate relief. I have very bad arthritis in my knee and this has really helped with the pain. Love it

Recovery Cream

Marissa Singer on Apr 22nd 2019

This product works wonders! As an avid cyclist, I experience bad IT band pain on my left leg into my knee. I simply massage this cream into the IT band and side of my knee and the pain goes away! Thank you!


Alice Tarlach on Jan 16th 2019

This cream really works for my diabetic neuropathy. It reduces the pain so I can walk and can get to sleep. Thank you.

CBD recovery cream

Lana Romano on Dec 18th 2018

I purchased this cream for my husband to use on his hands. The knuckles of his hands were swollen and he had limited mobility in both hands but especially his right hand. In addition to the swelling, he had pain in his hands on a daily basis. He has been taking motrin everyday for months and months to help with the swelling and the pain. In addition to that, he was getting periodic shots of steroids into his hand by a hand surgeon. These measures only gave him minimal short term relief. He started using the CBD recovery cream 2 months ago and the results are incredible! I wish we had taken a picture of his swollen hand before starting the CBD cream. His swelling is just about gone completely and his pain is gone! He is able to move his hand in a way he hasn't been able to move it for months. No doctor or medication had even come close to giving him the results he's gotten with the CBD recovery cream!

Miracle CBD cream

Stephanie Hunter on Dec 18th 2018

I order the Recovery Cream shortly after I entered my 3rd trimester. This cream works miracles with the pain I feel in my groin and legs from the extra weight I’m carrying around. I’ve been able to stand longer at work and sleep better at night! I’ll buy it again!