Stressed or Anxious? Our "Stress" Spray can help!

At Wake Wellness we believe in the micro-dose.

When CBD is administered at a micro-dose its effects are amazing. Our stress spray delivers quickly and effectively to help with those stressful times. Its compact packaging makes it perfect for on-the-go CBD relief so you can perform at optimal levels during work or with family. 

How it works...

Our "Stress" spray is designed to deliver a true microdose of CBD directly to your bloodstream. We use our proprietary full spectrum CBD oil mixed with USDA organic cucumber alcohol. This combination is formulated to instantly deliver CBD into your bloodstream by skipping your digestive system. When sprayed directly under the tongue, the mucus membrane absorbs it directly into the bloodstream thus achieving almost an instant  relaxed,calm and collected feeling. For the yogis out there, this is a very grounding sensation. 


  1. Always Shake Well before each use. (We do not add and chemical binders or emulsifiers.) 
  2. Spray two times under tongue and let absorb for 60 seconds.
  3. Wash down with clean water.
  4. Use as needed throughout the day. (One hour intervals)
 THC Disclaimer: Our products contain below the legal limit of THC (.03%). Our CBD is Farm Bill Compliant and is third-party lab tested for quality and accuracy.
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Stress spray

Mackenzie Kiernan on Apr 4th 2019

I’m so pleased with my purchase. I wish I bought this product sooner. It works really well and instantly makes you feel calmer

Review on stress spray

Bonnie on Apr 2nd 2019

I have been using stress spray for about five months. This is the third time purchasing it. I use it at bed and during the day if I feel stressed.

Stress Spray

John on Dec 22nd 2018

I've been using stress-spray for 3mo now. I use it throughout the day and a few sprays before bed. I've noticed I've been calmer and I'm sleeping better. Great product!

Stress releif

Jen on Dec 14th 2018

Anytime I feel tense or upset or frustrated I spray this under my tounge and it takes the edge away with out feeling any type of side effect! This is a go to that I keep in my purse for any occasion !